Liquor & Tobacco Policy


Liquor or Tobacco:


Liquor or Tobacco products are only available to eligible consumers. The eligible age to purchase tobacco products is 18 years of age or older and 21 years of age or older for liquor products. All liquor or tobacco payments must be processed through the stores that Storelist, LLC. is affiliated with. Storelist, LLC. does not accept any payments for any liquor or tobacco purchased orders. All liquor or tobacco orders must be pre-paid to the store prior delivering the items ordered. We ID everyone regardless of age and no order can be delivered unless valid identification with proof of age is presented to a Storelist, LLC. staff member. 

If the delivery is invalid due to any of the reasons indicated in the (a) paragraph of liquor or tobacco, the delivery fee will not be refunded and the liquor store has the right to not refund the full amount purchased or only partial of the amount in order to cover any restocking fees and or other charges within the store.


(a) Please note that Storelist, LLC.  has the right to decline services to any customer when the following circumstances may arrive (1) There is reasonable suspicion that liquor or tobacco may be served to minors. (2) An adult is not present to accept the order. (3) The customer is intoxicated. (4) The customer cannot provide a valid identification proving their legal age. (5) The safety of any Storelist, LLC. staff member is in danger. (6) When there is reasonable suspicion that an illegal act is in process or is about to happen. (7) Upon the request of the state, federal, city, rule, regulation, statute, establishment or personnel rules. (8) Upon the discretion of any Storelist, LLC. driver. (9) When the lives of a child, adult, vulnerable adult, visitor, bystander or anyone is in danger. (10) When a facility does not approve liquor or tobacco delivery.